I first heard Codist in February 2016.

A friend had linked me to a single off their album they were putting out on Bandcamp - "Nuclear Family". I thought it was great, really great, but for some reason it didn't click that they were based in Glasgow. So in my head here was what sounded like a great band that I probably wouldn't be catching live anytime. Then when we were booking bands for Record Store Day, I got a message from them asking to play. I was chuffed they were local and of course they came along and I vividly remember chatting away with my regulars about how good they were.

I got to know them and they were top guys. The more I got to see them live the more I fell in love with their sound. I wanted to start the label after a couple more times of seeing these guys and American Clay play live. I wanted to put this great music and these great people out there.

I don't trust a Glasgow band who doesn't cite Teenage Fanclub as a direct influence, and that's what drew me to Codist. They combine that enviable knack for melody and hooks with the energy of US college rock and the canter of slacker bands like Pavement. It all makes for an eminently enjoyable and unique sound that makes you SMASH DAT REPEAT BUTTON.

Check out their various social media to keep up to date on the latest happenings in the wonderful world of Codist.